GiftFrog: The Best Fundraising Platform to Raise Money

Over the years, the crowdfunding market has become crowded itself. Today, you have tons of platforms to choose from to fund your cause, but below we'll talk about one of the best fundraising sites - GiftFrog.

Why is GiftFrog a good choice? How does it work? Give this post a quick read to know all about GiftFrog.

Why Choose GiftFrog?
So far, GiftFrogs Fundrazr platform has helped raise over 178 million dollars for organizations and individuals worldwide, and here's why you, too, should choose this platform for your cause:

Easy and Quick
GiftFrog makes it easy for donors to donate - they won't even have to sign up with an account. It uses either credit/debit cards or services like PayPal, Stripe, and Wepay to transfer funds.
Depending on the type of payment process you choose, your money moves directly from the donor's account to yours. This means that GiftFrog doesn't keep anything for itself - your money is entirely yours.

Multiple Campaigns
Need to raise money for more than one cause? GiftFrog allows you to do so with just one account.
You can raise money for a non-profit organization alongside a campaign for your dream wedding - the versatility of it all makes GiftFrog worth it.

Great Engagement
You need to tell your story in a way that motivates people to donate, and GiftFrog helps you do just that. On your campaign page, you can personalize the way everything looks - attach pictures, videos, write descriptions, add wishlist items, and more.

Moreover, it links your campaign to your Facebook and allows all sorts of updates to be posted on your timeline, which gathers further engagement. You can also share your campaign on other social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, emails, etc.

Show Gratitude
Want to thank your donors for helping you reach your goal? GiftFrog sends automated 'thank you' messages to all of your donors for you. Additionally, it allows you to send small gifts of gratitude to them. Coupons, signed mugs, shirts - you choose it.

It's Free
The best part? GiftFrog is a free platform and doesn't keep anything for itself. It won't charge you a platform fee as most fundraisers do, and neither are there any monthly charges or set up costs.

This is why it's easy to start any campaign with GiftFrog. Even if it's merely raising money for your school sports team, it's possible with this platform.

Note: third party payment processing charges apply.

How to Get Started
If you're interested in starting a campaign with GiftFrog, whether big or small, here's how you can do it:
● Create a campaign at GiftFrog by writing a short, catchy description.
● Next, you'll have to describe your story in as many words as you like. You can also add pictures and videos of your choice to describe the cause further.
● After this, you will have to select the campaign type (Keep it All/All or Nothing), goal, currency, deadline (if any), etc.
● Lastly, you'll have to choose a payment method and provide bank details. And there you go, you've completed setting it up.

Once you do this, you'll be able to share your campaign at different sites.

Final Words
In today's fast-paced, complicated world, we all want quick and straightforward solutions to our problems. Hence, with a user-friendly platform like GiftFrog, it's super easy to set up multiple campaigns without any hidden charges or platform fees.

If you live in a country that supports GiftFrog's payment processing partners, you can start your campaign today with a few clicks.

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